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March 29, 2010

A lot of you have probably seen it already, but I still want to plug just how incredible this film is. “L.I.E.” is one of the most provocative and impressive movies about gay¬†sexuality that has ever been made. Howie Blitzer is 15 and feeling lost. His rich dad doesn’t pay any attention to him, his […]

More Logan Lerman

February 3, 2010

Thanks to Alx for linking me to this video. 10 minutes of Logan Lerman being cute and dressing…revealingly. What more could you ask for? I have to see all of this movie now. Best parts start at 2:50 and 6:50.

Logan Lerman

January 31, 2010

He’s an up and coming actor who can be seen in the first “Percy Jackson” movie soon, and he did some stuff as a younger child as well. He caught my eye in that godawful “Gamer” movie as being the only worthwhile thing on the screen at any point during the film. I scoured the […]

Wild Tigers I Have Known

December 30, 2009

A beautiful, bizarre motion picture, Cam Archer’s “Wild Tigers I Have Known” tells the story of Logan, a 13 year-old kid coming to terms with his homosexuality, and who adopts a female persona on the phone to get close to his crush, Rodeo. But unlike many other films of this type, which might cheapen the¬†story […]

Mysterious Skin

December 13, 2009

Dir: Gregg Araki Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brady Corbett Year: 2004 Based on the acclaimed novel by Scott Heim, Mysterious Skin is a harrowing and beautiful motion picture about the tragic loss of childhood innocence. Two boys, Neil and Brian, share a sad bond – they were both molested by the same little league coach when […]