American Asylum
Because being gay and progressive in America can make you feel like you're in a nuthouse.

About moi, and my blog.

Me: I am 20 years-old and a gay college student somewhere in the American midwest. I have a Facebook which carries a lot more personal information than I’ll share here, but I only add people I know in real life, so don’t bother asking for it if you’re just a random visitor or commentator on my blog who I have not met.

Just so you know, I’m easily amused by Internet memes, especially lolcats, so if a lolcat ever shows up on this blog, you know why.

My Blog: I aim for American Asylum to be a place where gay themed news, entertainment, artwork, photography, rants, and raves from around the world can be posted and commented on. I intend for the site to be entertaining, thought provoking, and intellectually stimulating. I’m not going to post any pornography or full frontal nudity, but there will be plenty of artistic eye candy. 🙂

I also will not shy away from speaking my mind or taking a controversial stance when I feel it is necessary.

Leave comments, tell your friends, and enjoy!

4 Responses to “About moi, and my blog.”

  1. Hello. thankyou for listing my blog ‘Gay Activist’ in your blogroll. I have reciprocated! I hope you, your friends and readers have a very happy and successful New Year. Paul from Gay Activist

  2. Hi. I am a 60yr old homosexual single man still in the closet. I grew up in a small homophobic city (in eastern Canada) at a time when there was no such thing as ‘coming out’ and homosexuals were known as ‘queers’, not to mention they could put you in jail for it. All the homosexual guys were pretending to be straight, so finding sex or a partner was mission impossible. I have great anger and bitterness at straight society today for what they did to me and I will take this to my grave. I do not want this for young gays today. Your blog is great and thank you so much for exposing the hypocracy and inhumanity of bigoted people. If I were a teen today, I would get to know every gay person I could find and give the finger and a big ‘fuck you’ to any asshole who didn’t like it. Oh yeah, always vote for the most gay-friendly party. – Wayne 🙂

    • Thank you, Wayne. That’s what I’m here for – to add my voice to the growing chorus calling for an end to the worldwide injustices committed against sexual minorities.

      While I don’t know all of your life situation, just where you grew up, I would like to encourage you all the same to come out. 60 isn’t too late, and there are many older men like yourself who hold the same bitterness and frustrations. I’m sure that if you looked, you could find one, and you could make each other happy. It’s not too late to try! 🙂

  3. I’m Seán McGouran, from Belfast [Northern] Ireland – but I’ve been in London for 10 years. Quite sad about the guy above. I’m 65, came out in the early ’70s, but I’ve always had a suspicion that people kinda knew (lack if girl friends, staring at boys…). It was all due to ‘Civil Rights’ and GLF (the Gay Liberation Front), yes it got to Belfast in 1972… I am involved in an on-line mag ‘upstart’, have a red and see if you’d like to contribute

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